Waterjet Cutting

The newest addition to our team comes in the form of a Mach 4c Flow Waterjet. The Mach 4 is a revolutionary waterjet that is well before its time. Its unsurpassed cutting capabilities make even the thickest stainless products possible within tolerances that have since been impossible to meet. Add a hairline precision cutting path width of only .040” and a custom built 94,000 psi pump system and you have one of the most effective and accurate stainless cutting tools in the business. Our custom built table allows us to provide customers with even the largest waterjet jobs. (130”x 289”) Waterjet cutting also includes benefits such as:

  • No Heat Affected Zone
  • Gross Less Material
  • Clean, machine like cut
  • No Mechanical Stresses
  • Little to no Plate Bur
  • Little to no addition machining required

Want to save time and money?

* Waterjet cutting offers a machine-like finished tolerance and can often eliminate secondary processing altogether*